2012 – First National conference PMR

First national conference of Pakistan Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2012



Speakers discuss measurers to promote the specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Kirmani named as chief patron of Pakistan Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. LAHORE: The first national conference of Pakistan Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was held here on 21st Jan 2012 .The theme of the conference was “reaching the unreached”. It was attended by physiatrists, physiotherapists from all over the country. In addition the audience included, Orthotists, Special children and few disabled people who have been doing extra ordinary in their field. Dr Khalid Jamil, one of the founders of rehabilitation medicine in the country was main organizer of the event.

Speech of patron of the society was followed by address by a founder member Prof Kayani. He explained the history and formation of the first rehabilitation institute of the country, the Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFIRM) Rawalpindi. He also highlighted the plight of 2005 earthquake victims in the twin cities and the efforts of the physiatrists in their rehabilitation at various centers on their own initiative and professional demand. and head of leading institute of rehabilitation medicine in the country. The first session was chaired by the chief guest Mrs Shahnaz, a renowned social worker and advisor to chief minister Punjab. In her speech she stressed upon the miserable situation of disabled people in the country and lack of awareness in the general public. She said that even in today’s modern world disability is considered a stigma for the families and they try to hide their disabled children and at times confine them to their home premises. She appreciated the efforts of rehab community in Pakistan.

Dr Amir Waheed and Dr Mumtaz Jabeen, both senior consultants were the coordinators of thescientific session. Dr Omer Jamshaid, a resident from institute of rehabilitation medicine presented two cases of spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Dr Uzma Akhlaq discussed the role of different orthotic supports in physiatry and Dr Saeed bin Ayaz presented the rehabilitation of amputees at the armed forces institute of rehabilitation medicine Rawalpindi. Dr Nabeela Soomro, head of institute of rehabilitation medicine at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Karachi spoke on stroke rehabilitation along with an overview of services available and being provided by the institute. Dr Ghaffar talked about the incidence of low back pain among motorcyclists while Dr Sahibzada Nasir Mansoor discussed the frequency of musculoskeletal disorders among dental professionals followed by a brief talk on ergonomics. Mr Latif Khosa, Governor Punjab was the chief guest in the inaugural session. . Dr Khalid Jamil, general secretary of the society introduced some very talented disabled individuals. Among them was a patient of muscular dystrophy who was wheel chair bound, still he scored a 1000 marks in FSc and was a very successful student and currently studying in 4th year MBBS at King Edward Medical College Lahore. Another patient Shazia, also wheel chair bound was a very melodious and successful playback singer for Pakistan film industry. Another patient with congenital absence limbs managed to do her higher education and was employed by a bank. Another case of cerebral palsy with weakness of all four limbs and spasticity and wheel chair bound, was a qualified IT professional and used to operate computer with his nose. President of Society Dr. Qazi. In his speech gave an overview of the history of rehab medicine in Pakistan and the efforts being done to develop this specialty in the country.

The chief guest in his speech congratulated the organizers and the audience for the efforts in rehabilitation medicine and the formation of the society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He stressed upon the need for developing this specialty in the country and its importance. He announced teaching slots for rehabilitation consultants in the teaching hospitals of Punjab. Healso announced the status of Professor Emeritus to Dr Khalid Jamil in recognition of his meritorious services in the field.There was a pre lunch meeting of the society where members shared their ideas and views regarding the society matters. Dr Zahid Rustam gave a brief presentation for the future road map of the society, its memberships, roles and different appointments. This meeting also agreed on selection of appointments of the society and scheduling elections in the next society meeting, planned to be held at Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Rawalpindi on 3rd Dec 2012, World disability day. Prof Kirmani, the senior most rehab physician in the country was unanimously selected as the patron in chief of the society. The post lunch meeting focused on different targets to be achieved and responsibilities were assigned to respective individuals. The focus included registration of society, regular meetings, revision of curriculum, initiation of quarterly periodical, formulations of bye laws, developing of society guidelines, preparations for next conference and awareness campaign among fellow colleagues and masses about the scope and importance of rehabilitation medicine. The members of the society also agreed upon opening of a central registry for disabled people.