Dr. Khalid Jamil Akhtar

Dr. Khalid Jamil Akhtar

Dr. Khalid Jamil is one of the pioneers in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) in Pakistan. An exceptional display of human perseverance and physical healing, Dr. Khalid Jamil overcame his own physical handicap to become one of the leading doctors in Pakistan. Since his childhood, he was determined to excel in every field. He was an outstanding student, an excellent sportsman and exceled in his Matriculation and FSC (college) exams securing highest position and finally making in to the number one medical college in Pakistan; King Edward Medical College. During his study at Cadet College Petaro he was awarded the sword of honor. He was the rising star of his batch and achieved excellence in academics in addition to first positions in athletics and debates. Just when success seemed mere steps away his dreams were shattered when he had a road traffic accident causing spinal cord injury and paralysis.
With no hope of treatment in Pakistan he went to UK in his pursuit of getting back his physical strength. It was in England where he witnessed PMR at its finest. His ability to start walking on his own, a prognosis considered impossible by doctors in Pakistan left such an indelible impression on him that PMR emerged as the focal point of his pursuit in the field of medicine.He came back to graduate from King Edward Medical College (KEMC) where he was awarded the student scholarship and returned to UK to eventually specialize in the field of PMR. He did his diploma in PMR and came back to Pakistan to set up a rehabilitation department at the Mayo hospital, KEMC Lahore.
Since then he has been engaged in several rehabilitative programs facilitating physically and mentally challenged people from all over the country. Due to his work and in respect and honor of his contribution towards the society and special children he was awarded the title of “Big Brother” by the Governor of Punjab in 1992. There after he has been working hard in uplifting the broken human spirit. This involves hosting shows for special children on national TV for the past ten years and making a special enclosure dedicated to the special children at Qaddafi Cricket Stadium Lahore. He has also chaired the Pakistan Para-Olympics team and has been the official team doctor for Pakistan cricket and hockey team. He was entitled Professor emeritus by the Governor of Punjab in 2012. Moreover, for his lifetime contributions the Government awarded him with “Sitara-e- Imtiaz” in 2013.
Currently he is the Dean of PMR at College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSP) Pakistan and Head of Department PMR Mayo hospital Lahore, KEMC. He has mentor hundreds of undergraduate students in medicine and clinical specialties and has been the supervisor for resident trainees. Dr. Khalid has been the examiner, supervisor and specialty dean at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. He is currently the general secretary of Pakistan Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He also facilitates Government of Pakistan in disability board and has been an iconic figure for many non- profit organizations and individuals with special needs. Dr. Khalid has promoted social empowerment of individuals with disabilities and has narrated his philanthropic philosophies through the nexus of electronic, social and paper media and has been on hundreds of television shows. His will to conquer his activity limitation has paved the path for future doctors in the field of PMR and a ray of hope to all challenged patients who are drowned in the darkness of helplessness.

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