Although being from a “brother” country; the RehabCon 2014 was my first visit to Pakistan ever. It was the kind invitation of my dear colleagues whom I met in Ankara while they were seeking physiatrists from Turkey to guide/mentor PRM in Pakistan.
It was my great pleasure to lecture about musculoskeletal ultrasound and scientific publishing during the congress. Thereafter, we have also organized a 3-day course on the same topics at the end of 2014. I strongly believe Pakistan will catch up with the international PRM world shortly. In this sense, I sincerely look forward to collaborating in the near future. Yet, Turkey and Pakistan have shared many things (including flags) in the history and it is high time we started sharing PRM as well.

Levent Özçakar, MD, Professor
Hacettepe University Medical School
Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Ankara, Turkey
Visiting Professor
Tor Vergata University
Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Rome, Italy