Please send an email to to apply for membership of Pakistan Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

  1. Every medical graduate of either sex who holds post graduate qyalification in the subject of physical medicine & rehabilitio wil be full member.He Will have The right to vote.
  2. Those having Experiecnce in physical medicine & rehabilitation subject as working in this deparkent without post graduate qualification will be honorary members. They will be eligible to participate in all activities of the society
Termination of the membership
  1. Every member who behaves or acts against the aims amdm objects of the society either by the active behavior resolution passed against him/her by the managing committee.
  2. Every member who fails to pay the membership fee for one year . will be removed from the membership of the society after being given 15 days notice
  3. Resignation accepted by the managing committee.
  4. Final conviction and sentence by a court of law involving moral turpitude
Restoration of membership

Any member, whose membership has been terminated by the society, can be re-enrolled in the society with the approval of managing acommittee

(As per Clause VI of Articles of Society)

The society funds will be generated through:
a. Admission fee Rs.2000- once at the time of admission.
b. Subscription Fee Rs.2000- per annum.
c. Grants, donations or gifts from any agency / institution and government agencies.