Mission And Vision

Mission And Vision As Per By Laws

  1. To introduce the subject of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in all areas of medical profession including medical colleges, teaching hospitals, district & Tehsil hospitals and all medical centers.
  2. To help all non-government organizations (NGOs), working for the welfare of disabled persons by providing them professional guideline.
  3. To provide advisory services to the government and other organizations regarding Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation whenever will be asked.
  4. To hold national as well as local conferences, seminars and workshops on a subject of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.
  5. To provide advisory services to the various national as well as sports associations and organizations regarding the sports medicine.
  6. To introduce and provide medicine facilities to persons involved in sports without any discrimination of race, religion, caste and sex.
  7. To work for the development of modern and update delivery system of Sports Medicine services indifferent institutions and organizations.
  8. To give moral as well as financial supports to persons who got disabled as a consequence of sports, accidents and various diseases.
  9. To discourage beggary in the name of physical disability for financial supports.
  10. To develop the specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at MBBS as well as at Post Graduate level.
  11. To create awareness among professional as well as general public regarding precaution treatment and rehabilitation of disabled persons.
  12. To work for the provision of respectable job opportunity for disabled persons in various department.
  13. To take up any other project related to the welfare of disabled persons as decided by the managing committee.
  14. The society will work on non-commercial, non-political and on self-help basis.
  15. The office bearers of the society will work on voluntary basis.